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Press Release

Gun Truck - Shoot 'em up reinvented. Epic space battles with just one finger!

Purple Cult games is happy to announce the release of its first iOS title - Gun Truck.

Watch game trailer: here


The aliens have attacked! Your goal is to protect strategic planets by shooting out of the Gun Truck during the patrol. Destroy all the invaders, don't let them land. Do combo hits and thus get powerful power-up's and higher score. Win epic battles. All of that with just one finger!

As you progresses, there are more aliens, they are harder to kill, and action speeds up. So shoot! But wisely... or your gun might overheat.


  • unique, single-tap arcade gameplay with retro feeling
  • combo-based score/power-up system
  • two game modes: arcade and combo (unlockable)
  • many types of enemies
  • generative levels
  • game center support

Release Date: 19.05.2014

Price: Free

Platforms: iPhone (iPhone 5 support), iPod Touch, iOS 6.0+


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Purple Cult is tiny, independent mobile games studio from Wroclaw, Poland. Currently focused on development for iOS devices. Make it simple & original - that's studio's motto. P.C. was created as a result of explorations in areas of graphic design, interaction, music production and programming.


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