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Completely redesigned Gun Truck is coming soon!

New Gun Truck

Check out first gameplay video of Borrk!

Gun Truck is now released!

While Borrk is still in development, we have decided to release our side project - Gun Truck, retro-style shoot 'em up game with one tap control and tons of aliens to destroy.

sample game screen

BORRK game is almost here!

We are finishing levels, polishing, testing and fine-tunning BORRK for iOS (first: iPhone and iPod touch). Don't miss the game launch - for BORRK news please follow us on facebook or twitter

Purple Cult studio has been founded!

What's the purpose? To make cool mobile games!
Studio's first iOS game release will be Borrk. Borrk is original, colorful platformer game with physics and a bit of logic elements. As one of friendly Borrks you must help planet Zoola with unwanted visitors - Vorgs, who drain invaded worlds from their vital energy.